Introducing YJLC

YJLC is run by lawyers with specialist knowledge and expertise on youth justice law. We support professionals to ensure children in the criminal justice system are treated and represented better, leading to improved experiences and outcomes.

The Youth Justice Legal Centre (YJLC) is the centre of excellence on youth justice law in England and Wales. We provide comprehensive and up-to-date legal knowledge and expertise on children’s rights in the criminal justice system.

The Youth Justice Legal Centre offers:

  • A youth justice law resource hub including: best practice legal guides, expert talks and updates on relevant case law, legislation and developments. 
  • Specialist youth justice training and events for lawyers, Youth Justice Services and other professionals working with children in the criminal justice system;
  • Free specialist legal advice for both lawyers and non-legal professionals as well as for children and their families.
  • Work at the forefront of youth justice policy issues in which we fight to further children’s rights at risk of criminalisation or within the criminal justice system.

A youth justice law resource hub

We bring together the leading experts to inspire innovation and through our resources we aim to help others represent children more effectively. The law relating to children in the criminal justice system is complex and our services and resources are to help practitioners navigate the different rules, regimes, and principles across key youth justice areas. 

Specialist youth justice training

We want children in the criminal justice system to be recognised as children first. We believe they deserve to be represented by youth justice specialist lawyers and our training is essential for anyone undertaking this work. We offer highly regarded training courses for solicitors and barristers representing children in the criminal courts. We also run courses on youth justice law for Youth Justice Services to empower them with the knowledge they need to feel confident in court. Our other events create opportunities to hear from leaders in the field, share knowledge, circulate innovation and develop good practice. We bring together those who work so tirelessly in this undervalued sector, and celebrate our community and our collective work.

Free specialist legal advice

Our advice line is run by youth justice experts and all enquiries are dealt with by a fully qualified lawyer with specialist knowledge of youth justice law. We regularly assist professionals such as criminal lawyers, Youth Justice Service workers or  any other professional with a youth justice query.  We  also take direct enquiries  children and families facing issues in the youth justice system.